“After many interviews with several people to discuss a plan to rebuild our website, we met with Patty and she was a breath of fresh air and we were totally relieved. We knew Patty was the right person to get this particular job done. We were in desperate need for much improvement on our website. After meeting with us, we (Patty and our team at Masterfield) compiled our ideas together and Patty went to work. We now have a beautiful, inviting, user-friendly website that is appealing to our customers. Patty had our website back up and running in no time. She took the website that was so dark and uninviting, used our ideas and some of hers, and brought our vision to life. I would recommend Patty for any marketing or website building needs. Not to mention, she has very competitive pricing. She is wonderful! Thank you again, Patty, for all of your hard work!”